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Raise the language level of your manuscript to be publication ready with language editing by a native-English-speaking expert in your field.  
Edanz experts give you insight into which journals are most likely to accept your manuscript.  
Receive expert input and advice on your manuscript, allowing you to improve the content before submission.  
When submitting your manuscript, speed up the review process by recommending potential peer reviewers to the journal editor.  
Promote your manuscript to the journal editor by clearly communicating the significance of your research.  
Clearly and concisely summarize your research findings in the most widely read part of your manuscript.  
Make sure you have correctly understood the reviewers' comments, responded to them and revised your manuscript accordingly.  
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If Edanz has edited your manuscript before, submit for a second round of editing, either before or after peer review.
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News & Events

Edanz Group announced today the appointment of Koji Yamashita as Chief Executive Officer effective from 1 January 2016.

Edanz is pleased to welcome Dr Julian Tang. Dr Tang joins the editorial team as a Research Consultant. 

On November 16 – 21, Dr Trevor Lane, Dr Andrew Jackson, and Dr Ruth Tunn led a series of Author Success Workshops at Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

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